Look Up Tee

Look Up Tee

This is a little different than the description I usually put together for my Shirts For A Cause! This month, 10% of the profit made on this shirt will be donated to the Food Bank of Northeast Louisiana. Every $1 donated to this amazing organization helps provide our community 5 meals. How amazing is that?? These are trying times for everyone, yet I feel it truly brings the unity out in people, and that is a beautiful thing! If you are able, please consider purchasing a shirt— if you can’t, please say a little prayer for the world tonight! You can do this even if you do purchase 😉🙏🏼 Attached below is a post I made the a couple nights ago to my business Facebook page— it explains the meaning behind the design, and I feel like it covers what I would like to share with the world! It’s a little lengthy, but stay with me if you can, friends! Here goes:


Hey friends 👋🏼 I know you’re really supposed to maintain a positive “everything is good, let me be your escape” attitude, however if you know me, you know I can’t help but be real. And it works for me- you never have to question if what you see is what you get, because I’m pretty straight forward 🤷🏼‍♀️ I spent last night and a good portion of my day drawing my new Shirt For a Cause. I remember interviewing with Rick Godley last summer, and he mentioned that the summer months were hardest on our local food banks. Keeping that in mind, it was easy when this utter chaos broke out to decide I needed to make sure that my 10% this month goes to Food Bank of Northeast Louisiana.


I had been running things through my mind for days as to what I could draw. Sunflowers are my favorite flower, and my sweet husband ordered me a sunflower necklace for my birthday with an inscription that reads, “You are my sunshine.” It arrived yesterday— while he is stuck offshore in South America until further notice. It hit me hard, and I got to thinking, sunflowers always face the sun. When they can’t find the sun, they turn towards each other and feed off of the neighboring sunflower’s energy. I am worried, I am scared, and I am naturally an anxious person. I worry for the health of my family, for my friends whose babies have cancer or another immunocompromising condition, for our healthcare workers and system, for the economy and how all of this will affect every single person in our country, because the scary yet almost tragically beautiful part is, every single one of us is affected by this pandemic. I’ve prayed and tried to push back my worry so much that I had actually decided to take a hiatus and bow out from shirts until our future became more clear. I just finished the inside of my new little shoppe last week and had been planning an open house (my timing is impeccable, I know), so I had decided to take this as a sign that I just needed to accept that I was too new in the game to push forward right now and to focus and regroup maybe on some Fall 2020 designs. My friend, and also beyond talented graphic designer (she is the silent face of Morgan Crowell Art!) texted me and asked me to draw so she would have work, and it’s like a light bulb went off that I hadn’t ever processed before.


I am fully aware that we are all struggling and that this is a very uncertain time for our nation, even our world. Do I feel crazy advertising my fun shirts to you when I know you’re looking for toilet paper? Absolutely I do! The thing is, if I don’t, I’ve given up. And if I give up, my choice affects the livelihood of others. It is so important to me to keep all those coworkers turned friends/work family from lying in bed and wondering how they will take care of their people. That, my friends, is why shopping locally and supporting your small businesses is so crucial. We’re all connected, and when this passes, I want us all to still be here!


Our current social distancing situation is a reminder that it is our duty to be the hands and feet of Jesus! When we forget to look up and we need that reminder that He knows all of our days ahead, we have each other to turn to, just like the sunflowers. 🌻


I pray that you all rest tonight in the promise that we are more than taken care of eternally. Thank you all so much for your love and support! From the bottom of my heart, I appreciate you all more than you know, and I will be praying for each and every one of you! ❤️


50% polyester/25% ringspun cotton/25% rayon

Very soft, lightweight, triblend tees.

Available in Sea Glass or Heather Navy.

Crew and v-neck S-3XL.