Face Masks (ADULT & YOUTH)

Face Masks (ADULT & YOUTH)

Not something I’d normally be selling, but how cute are these?

These masks are secured with ties, an adjustable and more comfortable option for many that aren’t crazy about earloop masks. The mask faces are made with two layers of fabric. Masks do not have filter pockets. 

100% cotton, machine washable.
Multiple color options. Available in adult size, and youth size masks are available upon request.

No refunds or exchanges will be accepted for this product.

Morgan Crowell Art as well as the manufacturer affiliated is not responsible for any person/living being contracting or spreading any bacterial or viral infection while using our product, as these masks are not intended for health care or medical use. Any person who purchases this product agrees to take full responsibility for your health or the one you purchase for as you wear these masks. 

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